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Concrete marble floors

Marble and concrete floors are increasingly popular and are finding a wide use in recent years. They are used during renovations, with the intention of bringing all the beauty of marble into the rooms, without necessarily choosing this material, which is delicate and expensive. Concrete marble is the ideal alternative: it has the same appearance as marble, but it is not marble! It is convenient and less delicate, lasts over time and integrates perfectly in different types of contexts.

Thanks to the different cementitious compositions, and the choice of marble chips and powders of different colors and sizes, it is possible to create surfaces characterized by chromatic shades and with a unique appearance. Choosing concrete marble flooring means bringing an excellent product into your rooms from every point of view.

Our reality offers high quality marble-cement tiles, treated with products that protect them from stains and wear. We offer different finishes, glossy and not, which allow you to give added value to any urban environment, private and beyond.

Cement marble tiles

The marmetta is a building product that was born in the late 1800s. It looks like a slab for the construction of marble floors, produced with cement, flakes and powders obtained from the crushing of the most varied types of marble. This composition is worked in order to obtain blocks, which are subsequently transformed into slabs of various sizes.

Each of our tiles for marble-concrete flooring is characterized by the implementation of high quality aggregates, granulates and hydraulic binders. We prefer materials from Italian quarries and do not use chemicals. All this allows us to offer our customers concrete marble floors with exceptional technical characteristics.

Our tiles are qualitative and capable of ensuring a great design, durable and resistant. They are designed to fit in any place and ensure safety. They can show off a notable aesthetic value and cover private spaces and urban contexts with a new style.

Our production

Cement marble is a material that comes from the packaging of Portland cement, marble flakes and dust and pigments. Over time the production methods have been improved and we have done our best to bring the best technologies to our factory. We have assimilated new innovative methods, arriving at creating marble-concrete floors of different colors, sizes and designs.

Our stones resemble the most popular Italian marbles and each of them has its own peculiarities. It is precisely the different mixtures of first choice marble chips, carefully selected for size and color, which allow us to create products with an always high but diversified aesthetic quality.

Our production is designed to give concrete marble tiles certain characteristics that go well beyond design. In fact, we focus on the best treatments, which allow us to have safe and non-slip surfaces. Our accurate and sustainable production cycles allow us to offer 400-grit smooth tiles, available in different formats and with two types of finishes: Mira and Cotonou.

The perfect marble-concrete flooring for your architectural projects

Our intent is to offer a wide range of solutions and to help our customers customize and make each project unique. Precisely for this reason we work alongside our customers by studying the best cement compositions and selecting the raw materials with extreme care. We prefer different sizes and colors, in order to always create the most capable product to satisfy needs and preferences. In this way we can provide different combinations and finishes for marble and concrete floors.

Thanks to this natural and innovative material and to our customizable products we are able to satisfy the new architectural trends and to propose valid solutions for the design of urban or private areas, streets, squares, parks and more. We design ideas and products tailored to the most specific needs, for large industrial distribution and for professionals in various sectors.

If what you are looking for are excellent marble floors, which can be created with excellent marble-concrete tiles, ask us. Contact us for more detailed information and to tell us about your project. Together we will find the ideal solution for any kind of architectural context and / or for street furniture.