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All the beauty of a marble effect slab

Choosing a marble-effect slab means bringing all the beauty and elegance of marble into your own environments and urban areas. Using marble-concrete is the ideal choice for those who want to have resistance and a great design, as well as count on a remarkable quality-price ratio.

Marmocemento offers you a wide range of excellent products from every point of view, made with extreme attention to detail. Among these you will also find functional polished concrete marble slabs. These are created by creating a special cementitious composition, in which in addition to cement there are aggregates, granules, powders and flakes of marble from Italian quarries.

Each time we create unique mixes that allow us to give life to marble-concrete surfaces with captivating color shades and different textures. Each of our marble-effect slabs has its own characteristics and boasts a particular and high aesthetic quality. It will be able to give added value in any context, always proving to be functional and safe.

Our polished slabs in concrete marble

It is precisely the different mixing of marble flakes and powders, selected by color and size, which leads us to create different types of cement agglomerates and finishes. All of our polished marble-concrete slabs have their own peculiarities and sport an eye-catching appearance. They are expertly designed to adapt to any urban and private environment, indoor and outdoor.

Our stones resemble the most popular Italian marbles and ensure many characteristics that turn into precious advantages. Design is an element that we certainly cannot underestimate, but it is certainly not the only one.

Using a marble-effect slab proposed by Marmocemento means having chosen a slab that offers durability, strength and safety. All our products are accompanied by competitive prices. They are an elegant investment that can last over time.

The result of a high quality production cycle

To offer a quality marble effect slab, we have studied our production cycle in detail. It all starts with a careful selection of materials and the study of compositions. By inserting the components in different proportions we can create different finishes in color and design. After choosing the mix to be used for production, the selected materials are mixed, vibro compacted and transformed into blocks.

In the next phase we take care of making smooth marble-concrete slabs of various sizes, following the needs and requests of our customers. During the process we do not use chemicals and we do our best to make our production cycle eco-friendly. For each marble-effect slab we use only the best waste from the production of marble products. This allows us to reduce waste and provide our customers with affordable yet high quality products.

This production cycle allows us to create slabs obtained from the mixture of inert cement and marble flakes, smoothed with a grain size of 400. They are available in the 2640 x 1340 x 30 cm size and with two types of finishes, Mira and Cotonou. These products are the ideal choice for creating floors with a great design and capable of guaranteeing high quality.

A marble-effect slab tailored to your projects

It is thanks to our production cycle and the best raw materials that we are able to offer modern, functional products covered with different finishes and colors. Creating different compositions, with marble chips that vary in color and size, is what allows us to have a wide range of products, but also to offer our customers excellent customization options.

We design each marble-effect slab in detail and give life to ideas and customizable products for large-scale industrial distribution and for professionals in various sectors. We can create polished marble-concrete slabs that change in design and shapes, as well as characterized by special color shades, specially designed by our designers.

What do you need? We at Marmocemento are at your disposal with the aim of creating a marble-effect slab that is perfect for your projects and to satisfy your every need. Contact us to get more information about our products and to tell us about your projects. We will take care of the rest!