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Our concrete marble furniture

Marmocemento is a company that produces and markets furniture elements in marble and concrete, using the most advanced techniques and the best raw materials. We carefully select highly qualitative marble chips and powders and other components from Italian quarries. Thanks to these elements we create different mixes and cement compositions that allow us to propose furnishing accessories with a great design.Our marble-concrete furnishing solutions are characterized by simple and at the same time refined lines. Our products are modern, versatile, safe and long-lasting. They are available in different colors and finishes, thanks to the skilful preliminary study that allows us to diversify the composition of our faux marble. For the production of our articles we follow the trends of the design world and we strive every time to offer the best value for money.

Marmocemento offers you a wide range of concrete marble shower trays, sinks, tables, kitchen tops, concrete marble fireplaces and much more. Each of our artifacts can bring quality and functionality to any environment and give value to any interior design project.

Refined and durable tables

Having a table with undisputed aesthetic quality is important for those who love to furnish every home and / or work environment with care. Precisely for this reason, in the section dedicated to marble-concrete furniture, we offer finely crafted faux marble tables. Our models enhance every home, every meeting room and other similar places with a touch of class and elegance. They are resistant, extendable and last over time.

Modern shower trays

In recent times we are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to furnish the bathroom with the utmost attention. It is a room that deserves attention to detail and the inclusion of unique elements not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of safety. Among our furniture solutions in economic but at the same time excellent marble, you will also find valid shower trays in concrete marble. Each model is characterized by modern lines and a simple but captivating design.

Resistant and functional washbasins

In addition to shower trays, among our marble-concrete furnishing solutions you will find washbasins with an innate beauty. They will look like real marble, but they won’t be. However, they will be able to guarantee high durability and resistance, proving to be less delicate and even more convenient than those made entirely of marble. Our marble-concrete washbasins are unique in their kind and integrate perfectly with the different trendy furniture styles of the last period.

Kitchen countertops in imitation marble

In addition to concrete marble sinks, our reality also offers excellent kitchen tops. How many people want marble tops but give up because of the cost and delicacy of these surfaces? With concrete marble kitchen tops these problems are put aside: you can bring refined and at the same time very resistant tops into your own environments. With our customizable products it is possible to create a functional, beautiful and original kitchen.

Cement marble fireplaces

A fireplace is an element that gives warmth and personality to any environment. However, to obtain the desired effect, it is essential to find the right materials. Among our marble-concrete furnishing products you will also find fireplaces. This material is resistant to high temperatures, thus proving to be the ideal ally for all those who want to implement a solid, safe structure characterized by a great design in their environments.

Personalized concrete marble furniture

At Marmocemento, we constantly strive to guarantee not only a wide range of products, but also to find new solutions that can ensure high levels of customization. Also with regard to the marble-concrete furniture, we offer different models, as well as the choice of various sizes, colors and finishes.

Our production cycle allows us to create stones with different chromatic shades and textures, reminiscent of the most beloved Italian marbles, and also to create customized products for you. Concrete marble shower trays, tables, concrete marble sinks, concrete marble kitchen tops and concrete marble fireplaces: what do you need?

Marmocemento is at the service of large-scale industrial distribution and professionals in various sectors, offering customized and diversified solutions based on the most specific needs. Do not hesitate to evaluate our wide range of marble-concrete furnishing solutions and ask us for more information.