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Anti-intrusion design: solutions in marble and concrete

Marmocemento has been involved for years in producing and marketing street furniture elements with an excellent appearance, but also resistant and long-lasting. Thanks to our marble and concrete, we create and design solutions for the furnishing of city areas, streets, squares and parks. We produce eye-catching street furniture elements such as anti-intrusion jersey and concrete marble bollards. We offer different types of anti-intrusion systems, flower boxes and benches in concrete marble.

Each of our products is the result of a great deal of work that includes an accurate design phase and that starts from the search for high quality raw materials and components from Italian quarries. We combine design with functionality, safety with resistance, giving life to products that are able to fully satisfy the new architectural trends and the most varied demands of the world of urban construction.

Our anti-intrusion jersey and marble-concrete products are made using the best latest generation equipment and without using chemicals. They are ideal for those who want to bring all the beauty of marble into their projects in the field of street furniture, without sacrificing strength and taking advantage of excellent value for money.

Anti-intrusion jersey

The anti-intrusion jerseys can be of various types, but it is important that they are made with the best materials. With marble and concrete only, but also with the most resistant stones, our reality produces and markets solutions of various kinds, suitable for urban areas. Each of our products is a suitable tool for dividing spaces and for raising the safety levels of motorists and pedestrians. Our wide range of items will meet your needs and prove suitable to help you complete your urban projects.

Bollards in concrete marble

Together with the anti-intrusion jersey, we create bollards for street furniture of different shapes and sizes. These products are designed to delimit spaces and large pedestrian or traffic areas. They can be used in parks, squares, car parks and also in buildings, companies, shops, accommodation facilities and in different types of municipal areas. In addition to the classic concrete marble bollards, we also use other materials from simple concrete to stone.

Planters in concrete marble

It is possible to divide or delimit specific areas and at the same time enhance their aesthetic quality. To do this we can use concrete marble planters. Our anti-intrusion jersey planters are presented as functional products with an excellent design. They can be colored and customized with colored images and / or logos. In any case, containment elements and shatterproof barriers can become reliable. Thanks to the holes with tubes, present on the side, they can be connected together quickly and easily.

Concrete marble benches

Marmocemento designs and manufactures anti-intrusion jersey with a great design and also offers high quality imitation marble benches. Our deterrent benches are available in various models that have different types of seats. Our street furniture complements can adapt to any type of space, be it a square, a park, a tree-lined avenue and even private areas. In any event, they can cover the room with a new style of furniture.

Anti-intrusion systems and anti-burglary barriers: customizable solutions

We at Marmocemento have always been committed to implementing the most innovative techniques and methodologies and to use only high quality raw materials. This allows us to experiment and create diversified cementitious compositions capable of allowing the creation of excellent and different products. Therefore, we aim high, both in terms of quality and in terms of the variety of products offered. In addition to this we also offer significant customization opportunities.

Our anti-intrusion jerseys and our related solutions are characterized by the use of marble-concrete enhanced by different color shades and textures. They can be of various sizes, types and various thicknesses, as well as have different characteristics. Thanks to the best technologies we can offer solutions for the design of areas, streets, squares, parks and elements of urban furniture, diversified and tailored to your needs.

Contact us as soon as possible and we will design the most suitable product for you. Anti-intrusion jersey, concrete marble bollards, concrete marble planters, concrete marble benches and anti-intrusion systems: you tell us what you need and we get to work!